Enjoy some of the most beautiful sights you’ll ever see in this Cebu-Bohol Aerial Tour. Discover the undoubtable and breathtaking beauty of the islands of Mactan and Bohol as we bring you to majestic tourist spots you can exclusively view and enjoy from above.

Flightseeing Highlights

  • Olango Island (UN-recognized bird sanctuary)
  • Cabul-an Island (marine sanctuary and snorkeling area)
  • Fish Catcher at the mouth of Inabanga River
  • Chocolate Hills (Philippine’s 3rd National Geological Monument and sometimes called as the Eighth Wonder of the World)
  • Sagbayan Peak (mountain resort and recreation center)
  • Batasan Island Mangrove Plantation
  • Coamen Island
  • Nalusuan Island (marine sanctuary)
  • Hilutungan Island (diving spot and snorkeling area)

Because of aircraft and landing field limitations, the permissible weight per passenger is limited to 170 lbs(about 77 kgs.) per person and the allowable weight of baggage is up to 20 lbs (about 9 kgs.) per tourist. A 50% down payment is required to confirm your booking and is refundable if you wish to cancel it for at least 48 hours prior the actual date of the tour. Cancellation of bookings and flights should be made 48 hours before the schedule, or else it will not be honored and granted.

What's Included

Terms and Conditions

  1. Due to aircraft and landing field limitation, weight per passenger is limited to 170 lbs per person and  the allowable luggage / baggage weight is up to 20 lbs per person.
  2. Flight is good for 45 minutes to 1 hour.
  3. Aircraft operations are subject to weather condition for the safety of the flight.
  4. All flight schedule will be subject for the availability of the aircraft.
  5. We will require 50% down payment to confirm your booking which is refundable (minus service charges) if you cancel 48 hours before the activity date. Cancellations made within less than 48 hours will not be honored and will not be refunded.
  6. Cancellation of flights should be made 48 hours before the flight schedule.
  7. Cancellation of flights – we have the right to refuse or not to fly or accept passengers due to weather condition or which in our best judgement may affect the safety of the flight.
  8. Pilot shall be in command at all times. He may diverge or abort the flight and refuse to accept passenger’s cargo for safety purposes.

From ₱3,100 per person
price per person varies by group size


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